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Chalkboard Corkboard Upcycle


This project is incredibly easy. All I did was paint my old cork board with chalk board paint. I used a sponge brush for a more even coat. I wanted to achieve the “accent wall” idea for my corner office without painting a whole wall (we’re renters). I think this works… For now 😉

What makes your workspace special?



DIY Jewelry Display

I received a few new beautiful necklaces for Christmas and I really wanted to have a pretty way to display them- for cheap 😉

I used all items I already had, so this project cost me $0! Yay!

What you’ll need:
• a piece of wood (you could use anything you already have on hand, I used a 1×4″ piece about 12″ long)
• sandpaper
• 12 white hooks (you could also use thumb tacks)
• paint, paintbrush
• picture frame brackets and nails
• hammer
• drill and tiny drill bit (if you’re using hooks)

First thing you want to do is measure the center of your wood piece. Mark it, and then divide each half in half. So mark your two centers. These will be where you attach your brackets. You need two so it doesn’t go all uneven when you hang your necklace on one side.


I had my wood already sanded and painted, but if you wanted, it would probably be easier to paint it after you drill your holes. So with my wood ready, I took my tiniest drill bit and drilled holes in a straight line all along my wood exactly 1″ apart (mark them with a pencil first! 🙂 ). Drilling makes it much easier to twist the hooks in.




I designed this display with room at the top to write a quote. I chose Psalm 45:11 and penciled it out first to make sure it would fit like I wanted. Then I went over it in a white chalk pencil. Even though I didn’t paint it in chalkboard paint, you could definitely do that!

Once you’ve got your brackets on, holes drilled, wood sanded and painted, hooks in, and (if you want) quote written, you’re ready to hang it up! Display your favorite necklaces with pride on your new jewelry display!


Stay beautiful!

Odds & Ends Necklace

I came across this really interesting looking necklace on Pinterest today, and decided to try to make a similar one for myself with things I already had in my jewelry making box.

ff34c6d689e27f6cfcb25c7cf4b9e436Originally sold at Anthropologie

I had a small collection of clear and light neutral ceramic and glass beads that were between 1″-2″ inches. These all came together in a large bucket of beads I bought years ago, and just have not used. I also had some ball chain cord leftover from other projects. (You can find this chain at your hardware store for super cheap!) I measured out two lengths that I liked, so I could do the layered look. I strung the beads and added a clasp. My necklace is basically a very large circle of chain with beads on it, and a clasp that grasps another part of the chain in the back.


It turned out looking like this:

photo 1

photo 2

Its definitely not as formal and nice as the one from Anthro, but I will tell you this- it was a TON cheaper 😉 And it matches what I wear more often, which is usually more neutral, organic fabrics with jeans. I like how it turned out.

Have a joyful Friday!


Hoops in the Hallway



Recently I came across a very affordable atlas that was a newer version of the one we had. Our atlas had traveled from east to west umpteen times, was missing a few Midwest states, and also a Dakota, and many of the pages were torn or wrinkled. So when I found a new one for cheap, I snatched it.

I might have had the ulterior motive for map based projects prompting my purchase, but the hubs likes the new atlas anyway 😉

So now I found myself with an old book of well traveled maps and a wanting to display some of our favorite places. If you know me then you might know I have quite an affinity for maps.

Upon another thrifting trip I discovered some wooden embroidery hoops for way cheap and actually tried my hand at embroidery. I had my novice bits of threaded type on the wall for a while, but feeling the need for change I sought out something new.

I took pages from the atlas, focusing on our favorite spots, and trimmed them to the size of the hoop. Then I carefully fit the hoop together around the page- so it wouldn’t rip. I cut out the circles with an extra wide margin so I’d be sure that they’d fit in the hoops without tearing or wrinkling– then I trimmed them with an exacto knife.

I love these embroidery hoops as a way to display patterned fabric or paper because I can change the display easily, and they fit on any spare spot of wall you have. Ours hang on a tiny section of wall in our hallway.

What would you come up with to display in an embroidery hoop? The possibilities are endless!