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Christmas Knitting




Over the holidays, the hubs and I usually travel west to see our family in Wyoming. I was debating on what to bring with me in terms of sewing, crafting, or some sort of diy project. A few nights before we left I picked up my knitting again and re-watched some YouTube tutorials. My favorite channel is GoodKnitKisses

Her links are very helpful, and it’s easy to see what she is working on up close because her videos are well lit and well filmed. Her videos are also nice because she repeats the same steps so you don’t have to rewind to see exactly what she did if you missed it the first time 🙂

I’ve been using the regular knitting stitch (Not the pearl stitch- I don’t even know the difference!) and it’s been very easy. The YouTube link above also had videos on how to cast on, and bind off- both of which are quite simple as well!

I’ve already made a big chunky cowl infinity scarf for myself, and I’m working on a regular long one for the hubs now 🙂

I’m also using bigger chunky yarn and bigger knitting needles (10mm) to make the project move a little quicker. I also just really like the look of a looser knit.

I taught my sister-in-law how and now in the evenings we sit together and knit. I think it’s a great way to be social but still create, and have something to do rather than just being on my phone in a room full of people.

Happy knitting!
And Happy New Year!



Dollar Store DIY Christmas Wrapping

photo 1

So this year was my first year wrapping gifts to family and friends from husband and wife. In previous years, I’ve just used whatever holiday wrap my mom had bought, or I used newspaper or something. Well this year I wanted it to be a little more special.

photo 2

I went to The Dollar Tree and found brown 3M packers wrap in the packaging section. It was 15′ for $1.00! Dealio. And this stuff is super heavy duty. Like fo-real. So making the treck out to the west with all my gifts in tow, I won’t be worrying about the corners tearing or anything. I ended up buying two rolls which covered all my gifts.

photo 3

I’d been holding on to this bright teal string that I’ve seriously had for– forever. I don’t even remember where it came from. And rather than buying ribbon, I just used that. I figured it’s sparkly and teal, so it reminded me of snow and ice and would come off as wintery. Then with scrapbook paper I had already, I made a stencil and traced some tags and hole punched them.

photo 4

I didn’t want to print or write on the brown paper like I’d seen before, so I just left it plain-  although I bet printing or drawing on it would be adorable! I like how my packages came out – cute & affordable wrapping!

May you have a very Merry Christmas!!