DIY Nailpolish Irish Clovers

by remembersarah18

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! These little clovers will get you in the lucky spirit.

You’ll need:

  • wire (go with a medium gauge) I used a smaller gauge wire, but I’d recommend using a thicker gauge than mine, which was jewelry wire.
  • wirecutters
  • green nail polis (dollar store version work best, you’ll need a lot
  • small plastic plate/bowl or foil (to make your own bowls)


Take your wire and form it into a little clover shape. I started with one petal, and added two or three more, and then the stem. Make sure all your petals close fully, or the nail polish won’t fill it in.


Pour out some nail polish into your bowl, and dip the clover into it. Make sure you use enough nail polish to cover the petals. It’s kind of like filling in a plastic wand when you blow a bubble. But don’t blow into the nail polish because it will pop.



Once you’ve filled in your petals, gently spin the clover around until the polish dries inside the petal. If its really heavy and gloppy, you can turn it over and around so it’s not so thick in one place. If you think it looks fairly even and its getting close to drying, you can lay it on foil or wax paper and let it dry, or stick it in a bit of foam upright to dry.


Once your clovers all dry, place them in a bud vase for St. Patty’s and enjoy a taste of spring!

Stay lucky!