How to Make a (cheap!) Spring Terrarium

by remembersarah18


I know this won’t be the most in depth how-to post, but lately terrarium decor has been all the rage and all the filler ideas I’ve seen have been kind of expensive. Such as buying real moss, real plants, or genuine antique goods to put under glass. So this post will mainly be to encourage you to decorate for spring, while saving rather than over-spending!

Here are some pointers:
1. Goodwill & The Dollar Store are your friends.
2. Paint can change everything.
3. Keep an open mind as your shopping- see the potential things might have.
4. Keep it simple.

The most expensive thing you use in this set up might be your glass piece. If you don’t have a terrarium, you can still get the effect by using vases, mason jars, glass hurricanes or a glass fish bowl turned upside down like a klosche!


I chose to fill mine with a woodland themed scene.
My items include: two ceramic squirrels from goodwill ($2), a small metal bicycle (I think it was originally a Christmas ornament) given to me as a gift, a green piece of cloth (already owned), and moss styrofoam rocks from The Dollar Tree ($1/bag of 5 rocks).

I covered the bottom of my glass house with the cloth, and then placed the moss rocks. The cloth makes it look more full. Then I just stuck the squirrels and the bike in the scene.

Keep an eye out for small items on shelves at goodwill that you can paint all white for your scene. I chose to keep these squirrels original because I love their coloring. Old knick-knacks can have a vintage/antique feel to them if used in the right setting with the right things.

You could use white fabric, river stones, eggs, small rabbit figurines, and a tiny bit of floral or greenery for a beautiful spring scene. The possibilities are endless!


I love using things like terrariums in my decorating because investing (an investment for me was $6 for my glass house at a garage sale!) in a one time piece that can be used differently throughout the seasons.


What will you fill your spring scenes with? 🙂

Happy decorating!