Easy DIY Boho Headbands

by remembersarah18

If you’re like me and you hate spending a lot of time doing your hair, these are for you. Super easy headbands from any ribbon or trim you want.

You’ll need:
• hair ties
• length of ribbon
• sewing machine or thread and needle


First, use a measuring tape an measure the diameter around your head. Add an inch or two for your sewing and cut that length of ribbon. Think about if you want them tighter or looser and account for that. For example, if you want to wear it hippie style, with your hair down, maybe add a little more length.

I used embroidered ribbon from the clearance section of a fabric store, but you can use any length of satin ribbon, or even fabric. If you don’t want to hem the fabric, just roll or fold it and then sew the hair tie in.

Next, slide your hair tie through a fold at the end of the ribbon and stitch the ends closed like this:

Make sure you sew back and forth over the ends a few times so it won’t come unraveled.

Measure again (with the ribbon and hair tie that’s already sewn in) around your head and decide where you want the other end of the ribbon to fold. I like mine fairly tight so they don’t fall off. Mark that spot fold it around the tie and sew.


That’s it! Super easy. Yay!


Sorry for my lack of posts lately; life’s been crazy!

Keep on keepin’ on!