A Rustic Chalkboard

by remembersarah18


This project is quick with long lasting fun. I have made some of these as wedding presents for friends, and they’ve loved them.

What you’ll need:
• bracket hardware
• a hammer
• stump slice
• chalkboard paint

You can find a sliced stump like the one I used at Hobby Lobby in their wooden crafts section, for just a few dollars. Before you paint, attach the bracket hardware to the back of the wood, near the end you choose for the top and in the center (It doesn’t matter if it’s extremely precise because the wood isn’t a perfect circle anyway 😉 ).


To apply the chalkboard paint, I used a foam brush to get the flattest and most even coat. Sometimes brushes leave streak marks and I didn’t want a bumpy surface for my chalkboard.

I liked leaving a little bit of wood on the edge, but you could paint to the edge if you wanted.

Once the paint is dry, use a chalk pencil or a regular piece of chalkboard chalk to write quotes or draw pictures to your hearts content.

A Helpful Hint: when erasing, start with a damp cloth, then dry. If you use a paper towel, the wood texture tears it up and leaves little dusty pieces all over.

Happy doodling!