DIY Puppy Booties

by remembersarah18

If you’re a human being and you live in the Midwest you know what I mean when I say it’s so cold outside right now that you literally get an instant brain freeze just from breathing.

It’s no different for my pup. But she’s gotta walk in it without boots. And today, she’d finally had enough. She picks up her tiny little paws and starts to cry because it’s so cold! I tried everything, putting a cloth outside, putting a potty pad inside, until my hubs just said- why don’t we make her boots of some sort! We’d looked at dog boots in the past, but they are so expensive! And it wasn’t this cold then.

So in dire need, I’ll show you how I made these little puppy boots.



First, find the most water-resistant fabric you have. I used a scrap of old yellow wool blend. Since it wasn’t very thick, I lined them with fleece.


To line boots, take your two pieces of fabric and fold in half; the fold along the bottom will be the base. Sew with your liner fabric on the outside, and your outside fabric facing the inside. Leave enough room for a seam. After I measured my dogs paws, I figured I’d need about four inches of fabric. I cut 4.5″ wide and about 8″ long. If your dog has bigger feet, you can make these as big as you need.


I stitched the two pieces together to create the little bag shape. I rounded the bottom a little bit to better fit her paw.


I decided to just leave the tops raw, but if you wanted you could hem them or fold them over and hem them down.

Then I flipped the booties inside out so the wool was on the outside and the fleece was inside. For sake of time, and lack of a better idea at the time, I used four hair-rubber-bands to cinch the tops around her legs. Not too tight, but enough so that she couldn’t shake them off right away.

It was quite a sight to see her try to walk… She looked a little like a new duckling with the yellow flappy feet! But I was glad to see that the boots stayed on long enough for her to not freeze her toes while she did her business. They did fall off as she ran back to the door- but she didn’t freeze!

Now she just wants to chew them up, but I think we’ll definitely use them again!

Stay warm!