How To Host a Closet Swap

by remembersarah18


The after Christmas dull-ness creeps up slowly in January. But it hits us all hard in February. Gray, chilly days, with spring break still a long way off. Here’s an idea to brighten the gray months!

Host a Closet Swap! 

What is a closet swap? It’s basically a party where a bunch of your friends come over with their old clothes and junk, and you pull out a bunch of your old clothes and junk, and you all trade. Anything that doesn’t get taken gets donated to charity! So fun, and so free!

Step 1:

Clean out your closets! You just got some nice new stuff for Christmas, why don’t you get rid of that weird shirt you never wear. It’s nice, just not the right shape for your body. So put it in the Swap Pile! Those candles you got on clearance but never used? Swap Pile! Really anything you feel like you would normally donate to Goodwill, start making a pile for your party!

Step 2:

Tell your friends to do the same! Send out an invitation, even one through Facebook message, and let them know whats up. This way, they can start to think about things they might not want anymore, and start a Swap Pile of their own.

Step 3: 

Pick a pretty open room for your party. People are going to be bringing lots of things, and you’ll want a place to lay everything out nicely. Whether its on the couch or the dining table, just make sure that its not just in a clump on the floor- People will want to see what others have! Also, have a room available with a mirror for guests to try things on, such as a small bathroom. 

If you want to, prepare some light snacks and/or drinks. Ask your friends to bring something if you want to have a pitch-in!

Step 4: 

Count your guests, and give everyone a piece of paper with a number on it. This step is similar to a White Elephant Gift Exchange. Guests will go in order of their number, and each guest will pick one item. After the first item has been picked, do the numbers again, but in reverse order (I.E. 1 through 10, 1 would go first in the first round, and 10 would go first in the second round, immediately following her first turn). Do this as many times as you want to, but its not necessary for the whole time. In the past, when I’ve hosted, we’ve used this number technique for the first two rounds, then every body has two items they really like. After the first two rounds, it becomes a free-for-all grab. Pick it up, try it on, keep it, or toss it back. Be open to trading with other girls too!

Step 5 (optional): 

This is just an extra for fun! When each guest picks an item, make her put it on! Jeans? Under her skirt. Dress? Over everything. Necklace? Easy. Shoes? Go for it! This makes it fun to see what everyone has! And it makes sure that no one else can grab that item. Make sure to take pictures of each guest in their final multi-layered wardrobe!

If you don’t want to do this, just have designated piles of grabbed items for each guest. 


After things have settled down, and theres a small pile of items left that no one really wants, put those items in a box or bag and donate them to a local charity or Goodwill. 

Hosting a closet swap is a fun way to gain a few new-to-you items for your closet, while not spending a penny. And it gives you and your girlfriends an excuse to get together and do something besides paint your nails or watch another movie 🙂


I’d love to hear your stories! Have fun swapping!