Odds & Ends Necklace

by remembersarah18

I came across this really interesting looking necklace on Pinterest today, and decided to try to make a similar one for myself with things I already had in my jewelry making box.

ff34c6d689e27f6cfcb25c7cf4b9e436Originally sold at Anthropologie

I had a small collection of clear and light neutral ceramic and glass beads that were between 1″-2″ inches. These all came together in a large bucket of beads I bought years ago, and just have not used. I also had some ball chain cord leftover from other projects. (You can find this chain at your hardware store for super cheap!) I measured out two lengths that I liked, so I could do the layered look. I strung the beads and added a clasp. My necklace is basically a very large circle of chain with beads on it, and a clasp that grasps another part of the chain in the back.


It turned out looking like this:

photo 1

photo 2

Its definitely not as formal and nice as the one from Anthro, but I will tell you this- it was a TON cheaper 😉 And it matches what I wear more often, which is usually more neutral, organic fabrics with jeans. I like how it turned out.

Have a joyful Friday!