Hoops in the Hallway

by remembersarah18



Recently I came across a very affordable atlas that was a newer version of the one we had. Our atlas had traveled from east to west umpteen times, was missing a few Midwest states, and also a Dakota, and many of the pages were torn or wrinkled. So when I found a new one for cheap, I snatched it.

I might have had the ulterior motive for map based projects prompting my purchase, but the hubs likes the new atlas anyway 😉

So now I found myself with an old book of well traveled maps and a wanting to display some of our favorite places. If you know me then you might know I have quite an affinity for maps.

Upon another thrifting trip I discovered some wooden embroidery hoops for way cheap and actually tried my hand at embroidery. I had my novice bits of threaded type on the wall for a while, but feeling the need for change I sought out something new.

I took pages from the atlas, focusing on our favorite spots, and trimmed them to the size of the hoop. Then I carefully fit the hoop together around the page- so it wouldn’t rip. I cut out the circles with an extra wide margin so I’d be sure that they’d fit in the hoops without tearing or wrinkling– then I trimmed them with an exacto knife.

I love these embroidery hoops as a way to display patterned fabric or paper because I can change the display easily, and they fit on any spare spot of wall you have. Ours hang on a tiny section of wall in our hallway.

What would you come up with to display in an embroidery hoop? The possibilities are endless!