The Holly that Will Be on Your Own Front Door

by remembersarah18



So as soon as we moved into our new apartment, I noticed the holly bushes growing around the buildings. I got really excited and was already thinking of Christmas projects.

During my search for fun holiday goodies, I really wanted to find an old wreath and re-deco it for Christmas, but one never seemed to pop up.

My friend Erica was showing me her adorable wreath that she got from hobby lobby, made of brown sticks. She just changes it’s decor every season. She’s used feathers, spring silk flowers, and red berries. It always looks adorable.

So I picked up one of these little stick wreaths myself for just a few dollars at the ol’ HL. Then, I got to trimming. I cut off bits of holly and evergreen, and found a couple pinecones. I used clear spray paint to coat the greens (you can buy stuff that’s specifically designed to keep greens longer inside, but I couldn’t find it, and I heard it’s expensive). The valspar glossy clear coat has worked well so far though!

It’s easy to change out the decor on these wreaths because you just poke whatever you want in the sticks. But for my pinecones, I wrapped some wire around the middle and wrapped it around the wreath also. I love using nature as decoration and parts of my DIY projects- it’s free and beautiful!

Happy holiday hunting,