Dollar Store DIY Christmas Wrapping

by remembersarah18

photo 1

So this year was my first year wrapping gifts to family and friends from husband and wife. In previous years, I’ve just used whatever holiday wrap my mom had bought, or I used newspaper or something. Well this year I wanted it to be a little more special.

photo 2

I went to The Dollar Tree and found brown 3M packers wrap in the packaging section. It was 15′ for $1.00! Dealio. And this stuff is super heavy duty. Like fo-real. So making the treck out to the west with all my gifts in tow, I won’t be worrying about the corners tearing or anything. I ended up buying two rolls which covered all my gifts.

photo 3

I’d been holding on to this bright teal string that I’ve seriously had for– forever. I don’t even remember where it came from. And rather than buying ribbon, I just used that. I figured it’s sparkly and teal, so it reminded me of snow and ice and would come off as wintery. Then with scrapbook paper I had already, I made a stencil and traced some tags and hole punched them.

photo 4

I didn’t want to print or write on the brown paper like I’d seen before, so I just left it plain-  although I bet printing or drawing on it would be adorable! I like how my packages came out – cute & affordable wrapping!

May you have a very Merry Christmas!!