Some DIY’s of 2013.

by remembersarah18

So while I was thinking over starting this blog, I wondered what I might do with all my old posts on Instagram about my projects… What would I do with them? So I decided to add just a few here. These are some of my faves πŸ™‚


These earrings were fun. The fabric ones fell apart, but the leather ones stayed together just fine. They look cooler than they are, because its just leather cord mushed together in a mess all put together with glue. It’s not a cool fancy celtic knot or anything … but that does give me an idea!


I got the board from a friend who found it in her garage. And I tried what I saw from a picture on pinterest. The “o” was hard, and it turned out a little sideways. I had it hanging up for a while, but it didn’t make it in the move (as in I just didn’t bring it). Maybe I’ll make another one? I think my favorite part was hammering something… Such a good stress reliever!


You might have seen these on Etsy before. I got the idea from some shops I found there. One of my hubs and my friends owns a bike shop in town and he had a ton of these laying around. I asked him if I could have some and he gave me a whole handful! The tubes already have a line down one part, so making feathers and leaves was my favorite. Although I did try some other shapes. Since I wasn’t planning on selling these, I just gave them away to friends. One of my friends still wears them and claims they’re her favorite earrings (she boosts my self esteem πŸ˜‰ ). They were definitely very easy to make. I punched a whole for the earring hardware through the rubber with a thumbtack, and used normal scissors to cut my shapes.


So here is an example of how I take process photos. I know, not great. But hey, I tried. This project was fun because it was 100% free! I got a piece of (really nice, I might add, it was from Ikea) cardboard and cut it like a shape of a donut. Then I poked holes in it with a box knife. I collected some of the prettier dried hydrangeas from around the house and poked their stems through the holes. Then I just bent them and packing taped them all to the cardboard. It stayed together surprisingly well! It was light though, and the wind knocked it down a few times. But when Winter came, it was no big deal just throwing it away because I can look forward to making another one next year– for free!


This was one of the first things I sewed from scratch- by myself! Grams taught me well I guess. I was pretty proud of this. I know I chose a bold color, but this was back when it was summer so wearing bright green all over was acceptable (I guess πŸ˜‰ ). It was very easy to make, and I think I used about 3 yards of fabric, and I had leftovers. I got the tutorial hereΒ at Sweet Verbena. There are also a lot of different tutorials for similar dresses if you check out my board on Pinterest, DIY | Sewing.


I got the idea for these little guys from Pinterest (of course) and I just love them. I get a lot of compliments on them when guests come over too! I found all the little animals in the toy bin at Goodwill, and took a hacksaw and went to town. It felt gruesome at first, but once they were mounted on the (super strong) magnets they looked cute! But then I had all these little plastic booties laying around… So I made them into magnets too! I love how the dino ones turned out. A word of caution, I spray painted them after they were mounted on the magnets, and a bit of silver paint got not he backs of the magnets. Occasionally I see silver streaks on my fridge from them, but they wipe off with cleaner. I’m not sure how to avoid that problem in the future.


I liked this pillow project because it came out looking so finished! I actually pride myself on how quickly I can put a zipper in a pillow cover… I know- big talents. With this remnant wool fabric, I wanted to do something cooler than a pillow but I just couldn’t think of anything that I wouldn’t mess up. So I found this patch from an old pillow case and stitched it on. Then I added a green zipper just for fun and it came out looking like something from Anthropologie πŸ™‚


This scarf is one of my faves. It’s giant. Like literally giant. I saw it from a picture on pinterest (link is to an Etsy shop, item sold but you can still view it) here. And I definitely don’t think I did it right, but thats the beauty in some projects is that if you mess up- one, you won’t know and two, it turns out cool anyway! For this what I did was take two sweaters from the thrift store, cut across under the arms and up one seam on one side. I sewed the two cut sides together to make a giant loop infinity scarf. This thing wraps around my neck three times, but I love it because its so warm and cozy. It feels like a giant (socially acceptable) Linus blanket.


This last one is in honor of Christmas. Last year, my mom and I saw these adorable snow globes at Anthro for like over $50. Seriously? It’s a stinkin’ jar! We thought, “we can SO totally do that,” and we did! We got some jars, fake snow from the Dollar Store, and little trinkets. My trees were made from trimming the ends off a piece of garland. I just trimmed about 2 inches (enough you can still see the tree when theres snow inside, but not too big otherwise they look to tall and skinny). and super glued them to the inside lid of the jar. My mom got little Mr. Penguin from the toy bin at Goodwill and mounted him on a little glued ball of paper towels so he stood up a little higher on a mound of “snow.” Then we dumped a little bit of the faux-snow in the jar and mixed. This one did make the cut when I moved, and I put it out again this year! I love it and I also love the memories it has from when I made it with my mom.

More to come soon!